PC Taken Too Far...

What a lousy system it is when it demands that a person uses the internet to carry out job-search, even when that person has restricted access to the internet due to financial hardship.  The system's answer to this?  Sanction the person concerned for not doing sufficient job-search!

In this Client we discovered a young woman in her early twenties who, was it not for the extended motherly support of her friend's mum, would have sunk to who knows what level of despair.  She had been reduced to the point of stealing toilet roll from a burger outlet just to maintain her sanitary needs!!

The girl was sanctioned for not doing enough job-searching, then sanctioned again for not doing enough job-searching, even though the original sanction had left her without sufficient funds to access the internet or travel to a place where she could do so.  And then, sanctioned a THIRD time for failing to attend an interview that she could not afford to get to!  That's not people-management - that's pure and simple sadism on the part of the people-managers at JCP.  Normally we remain politically neutral, but sometimes there is no way to avoid showing up callous administrators for the sadists that they really are.  As has happened so often in the past, the name of the Job Centre concerned is once again shown as Ashton-Under-Lyme, which is generally considered to be the most unnecessarily and excessively brutal job centre in the UK today.

We provided this young lady with £150 to help her resolve the financial crisis that the sadists had forced her into, but because of the enormous loving support that the older lady had been providing, we also sent £50 to her as a big TBF THANK YOU.  We sent the entire grant as a lump-sum so that the older lady could manage the funds on behalf of her young friend and ensure that it was used to the best possible effect.

We received this message from the older lady:

"[Name redacted]
I'm so overwhelmed by it the young lady literally broke down in tears on her knees when u told her she was going to have some help I haven't told her where from I just said some really truly amazing people x


"[Name redacted]
It's amazing how such acts of selflessness from you have transformed the life of others you are the light at the end of her tunnel I've spoke to gas and electric today and they have agreed to cap the weekly amount of debt be paid at 1 pound a week also they have agreed if she is in difficulty in future until she gets reinstated eith benefits they will give her up to 20 pound emergency energy

I like to include the Clients' own words wherever I can, to show readers just how genuinely vital is the work that we at TBF do.  The fact will always be, though, that we cannot do it without the support of the general public.  We have some fabulous donors, who should feel justifiably proud of themselves because it is they who make Client feedback like the statements above possible.  This is just one of hundreds of cases where your generosity has, quite literally, changed someone's life, and we cannot thank you enough for enabling us to channel that generosity to where it was needed most.  The downside is that for every one we help, there are thousands like that person waiting to be reached.  Ideally we'd need the GDP of a small country if we were to help them all.

If you are considering donating to our work, the above is why we hope you will make a final decision to do that.  As I always remind potential donors, no-one in TBF takes a salary or claims any expenses.  We have no offices to pay rent or rates upon, no cleaners or tea ladies, no big business dinners.  We work quietly at this at home, some of us housebound and some not, and we do the work simply because it is there to be done.

As one of our agents told a Client, to whom we had sent a grant, when that Client asked how to repay it:

"You don't.  We give money away.  That's our job."

Yes, it is.  And we have the very best job in the world, thanks to your generosity.  Thank you so much. :-)

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