No Strings Attached...

One of our members proposed this case, and the opportunity for us to help this brave man and his family to earn their own income from his musical skills was one we were never going to ignore.  Here's what our member told us:

"He lives with is wife and two children (7 & 1 years) 5 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer of the leg and whilst in remission he had to have his whole leg rebuilt which has left him disabled, a couple of months ago he had to have yet again more surgery as his knee was half way up his thigh. Their 7 year old is autistic and their 1 year old has so many allergies and skin conditions, they have really been through the mill.

His wife is his and the children's full time carer and is amazing, and he has recently gone back to college to try to retrain for the future.

He plays in a band and uses music to interact with his daughter, but several of his instruments have been damaged and have made them unplayable, this is something he cannot afford to repair and this means he is unable to play gigs to get a lil more income or to communicate with his daughter, which is especially important during the summer holidays.

They are a lovely family who make a little bit go a long way, and really try to do the best for their kids. This would be a massive boost to them when no one has ever been there to help them."

£200 has now been placed at the family's disposal.

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