Martha was a single working Mum with a seven-year-old son.  She had escaped an abusive relationship and been left with a mortgage on a run-down house.  Despite her working full-time, when the fridge/freezer broke a few months ago they were left with a small camping fridge that someone kindly gifted to them and no way of replacing it.

We bought them a new fridge/freezer, and, knowing that they had very little to put in it, we also filled it.

We heard from Martha on the morning the fridge arrived, who told us that she couldn't stop looking at it because it was so beautiful, and she had invited some friends over to see how beautiful it was, too.

Later that day her food shop arrived, and Martha let us know that her little boy was more excited about the food than he was about Christmas, and thought that they would never have to go food shopping again.

Martha let us know how grateful she was, and said that she felt her luck had finally turned a corner, that she felt stronger now, and that she now knew that things were going to be okay.

How amazing to be able to make a small family feel so fantastic with as little as £200.

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2018 - The Biscuit Fund