Gosh, we've been so very busy the last couple of months!  This week alone we have sent out around £1,500 to people in need, including victims of domestic abuse who have managed to escape their abusers, disabled folk who have been sanctioned and Mums who have been left without after Tax Credits mix-ups.

Just recently though we had a case which we felt needed more than just a biscuit boost.  Kevin had been sanctioned and left with just £3.50 a week for food, so we paid his rent and council tax for six weeks and are sending him a weekly food shop for that period, too.  We found him on Ann McGauran's blog and with her help and the wonderful assistance of Alan Robinson at Greenwich foodbank we were able to get in contact with him and he is now awaiting his second delivery of fresh fruit, veg, meat, cheese, milk (and burgers, chips, beans, bacon, bread, etc etc) and biscuits.  Ann was kind enough to write a lovely blog entry about us, too.  Good luck, Kevin!  We love you!


(Huge thanks to @BadgerMark1972 on Twitter for sharing Ann's original blog entry with us!)

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