We became aware of Kestna’s plight via the Ann McGauran blog. Kestna at the age of 62 was being given a right run around by the DWP and an appeal for his Employment and Support Allowance had been upheld and he was found fit for work. The knock on of this meant that his payments then ceased, as did his housing benefit and council tax benefit. Kestna had turned up at the food bank with a voucher to pick up what for for him the difference to having something to eat or going hungry.

Not only were we able to help him by putting a small amount of money on his gas and electricity to ensure he had heat, hot water and importantly a way to cook his food, but we also organised a food shop for him so we could at least put some food in his cupboards and fridge. Better still using our valuable connections we were able to help him to sort out his housing and council tax benefit and also guide him towards being provided with another appointment for a work capability assessment , signpost him to the Citizens Advice Bureau for help with sorting out his arrears, and to self-refer to his council for adaptations to the home he’d been moved to.

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