It's Not Always The Main Poster...

This Client could easily have been overlooked because she was commenting in a thread that someone else had raised.  She wasn't asking for anything, but something she said in one of the comment's on another person's thread in a benefit advice group led me to feel that something wasn't quite right.  I referred her to the TBF members so her comments could be discussed, and it was agreed that we should help her because her children were supporting her and she felt so guilty about this.  We figured that we could not only help the lady concerned, but also lift the financial pressure from her children for a week or two, and so we sent her a gift of £150.

She's such a lovely lady, as I've since discovered in conversation, that she used a small part of the gift to pay for a homeless lad to stay in an overnight shelter and bought him some snacks. She also used another small amount to provide a friend of hers, who suffers from fits, with an identity and address tag because she's been ending up in hospitals with no-one knowing who she is or where she comes from.

That kind of "paying it forward" is always delightful to discover, and the latest is that she's agreed to act as an additional pair of eyes and ears for us, in other social media groups, in our ongoing search for people in financial difficulties.

Our Client also managed to put a decent amount of food in her own cupboards, thus taking that pressure off her family for a wee while as we intended.

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