Grandfather's Death a Laughing Matter for JCP

This lady's grandfather died and, because she was with him at the time, she missed an appointment at her JCP and was sanctioned.  When she explained the situation, the JCP advisor LAUGHED at her!!  A subsequent phone call from her to the benefits distribution centre confirmed that the sanction would not be lifted, leaving her to face existence on zero income until the end of January 2016.

Her follow-up message in the group where she posted read:

"Just had a phone call from job centre and the sanctions definitely not been lifted. Also been told if I apply for hardship now, I won't get a payment till in the new year.
I've formed a formal complaint against the advisor that laughed at me.
Funerals on the 28th.
Merry Christmas to me

So we decided on a figure of £250 and our agent got in touch with her.  The conversation went as follows:


Really? That'd be a massive help. Just found out that it's up to me to arrange the buffet for the funeral and I've got nothing to see me over Christmas. Thank you so much!


I've got £250 with your name on it. :-)


Really? You've just made me cry

Is this real? I've never had anyone do anything like this for me"

Well, we did, because we could, and once again that was down to the generosity of all of you who support our work.  As always, a massive THANK YOU goes to you too. :-)

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