Dave & Samantha

We had a jolly busy festive season at TBF with lots of families who needed help in the run up to Christmas.  One of our favourite cases was that of Dave, who had suffered a pause in his benefits due to a new application and had taken out a hardship loan to tide himself over.  Thereafter he was left on low rate ESA while still paying back the hardship loan from his weekly payments.  Dave was due to have his daughter Samantha stay with him for Christmas, but because of his lack of funds he had barely been eating himself, and had been keeping whatever food he did have for her weekly after-school visit so that he could make her dinner.

He was left dreading Christmas, as they had been excitedly talking about roast dinners all year, but Dave had no way to buy Christmas dinner, let alone any gifts for her.  We sent him a food shop immediately and some vitamins so that he wasn't going without in the run up to Christmas, and closer to the day sent him a small turkey crown, some gravy and some vegetables so that he could make a beautiful Christmas dinner.  Some of our members also donated personally so that Samantha could have some gifts.  

Dave let us know that he had been so upset about Christmas and how much he would let Sam down, and that with our help it was the first time he could remember actually being excited about Christmas.

They apparently had a wonderful time.  :-)

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