Dangerous Over-Protection

This case took several days to resolve, and while we understand the need to protect the locations and names of shelters for abused women, we felt that the staff working at the one in which this client and her son are currently housed could have perhaps been a little more open and helpful.  As it was, we ended up having to send the £120 that we allocated to her via her sister in a neighbouring EU country, so that the sister could then send it back to the UK for the client to collect.

Yeesh!  Talk about going round the houses!  A certain money-transfer company needs to seriously pull its socks up regarding its UK-internal operations.  Every time our paymaster tried to make a transfer direct to the client via the web-based service, it kept refunding the money to us!

While all this was going on, the client had no money with which to buy food for her son.  That highlighted to us the need for secrecy - which we employ ourselves - against the need for guardians of the abused to assist us in matters of urgency when what we do can only be of benefit to the client.  We were left with the distinct impression that checking us out, through the information that we provide on this website, was simply too much trouble for those guardians to go to.  Consequently a little lad was going hungry when that could have been avoided.

Still - it's done and dusted now, and hopefully we won't find ourselves having to deal with that particular shelter again.  We found a way around the obstacles and we won.

*thumbs nose, waves fingers, makes "nyer-nyer!" type noises*

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