Cutting Back and Cutting Herself

We had a request for help from our friends at RAISE for a lady for whom "things have become that bad for her she has started to sell of her furniture in order to eat and try and keep warm."  Along with that, the RAISE advisor told us "I am extremely worried about this client because in the past she has harmed herself her arms are full of scars were she has cut herself. Our client cannot rely on family to help her as they are in the position as her."

this lady's problems stem from the fact that she's not an EU national, but is from one of the EEA countries, which have benefits agreements with the EU and UK.

Obviously we couldn't stand back and let her get on with starving, but we could only commit to £100, as her situation is so fluid and all that the future is likely to hold for her is a one-way ticket back home.

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