Assessment Delay Causes Need For Foodbank Visit

Our client today suffers from ulcerative colitis which, as conversations have gone along, we learned is to be finally treated via a complete ileostomy.  However, the client was desperately awaiting a date for his assessment for PIP to be notified to him, and this delay had led to his need to visit a foodbank.  Now, while foodbanks do a wonderful job, canned food is not the ideal diet for UC or Crohns Disease sufferers as it can further aggravate digestion problems.

We whizzed £100 to this client so that he could buy in some of the healthier foods that his condition demands.

He's since told us that in wanting to repay us for our help, he has arranged a benefit event for 30 January 2016, at which he'll be performing once he has recovered from the surgery that he is close to having.  While we make a point of telling clients that the money we provide is not subject to repayment, we are all thrilled that this client wants to do something that he enjoys immensely, to raise funds for us.  That money will help others in the fullness of time and we are deeply grateful to this client for his determination to stage the event.

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