Arghh!! Banks!!

  • When a credit card is stolen and £300 is pinched, but the bank says the payments were genuine and then blocks the account.
  • When the customer, quite rightly irate, contacts the bank and sorts out the account block
  • When the bank then RE-BLOCKS the account because money is being PUT INTO the account from multiple sources!!

Don't laugh - it's for real.  This poor lady had sold a number of items in order to pay for her car which had broken down.  If the bank starts returning the inbound funds to their points of origin, she'll have ended up giving away her saleables.

Meanwhile, because of the stolen card fiasco, the money that she'd put aside for her food shopping has now gone down the Suwahnee (unless she can have the problem re-investigated by the bank).  Plus, because of the inbound monies being fraudulent in the bank's view, there is currently no way for her to access her account, she had no money available to buy any food for herself and her child.

We sent this lady £150 via her friend's bank account to tide her over in the hopes that her bank will rectify their error imminently.

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