A Regular Occurrence That Really Gets On Our PIP

One of our recent cases involved a paraplegic man who's been confined to his wheelchair for the last 31 years.  He has to have help, morning and night, to get himself prepared for either rising or getting into bed, as well as washing and dressing.

Unfortunatey, the PIP assessors decided that he should not be entitled to the care component of PIP. 

Add to that, that his local authority had been overpaying his housing benefit, but only noticed when the debt had apparently reached £780* (if they were my accountants, they soon wouldn't be!) and they've been taking the money back from him by forcing him to find the full rent amount over a period of however long it might be.

This decent young man - who the mainstream media would casually write off as a "scrounger" because he has to rely upon benefits, actually pays some of the amount towards his care.  The HB debt was putting this independence at risk, for if he'd continued to do it, he'd have had to default on his unsubsidised rent and thereby would have lost his flat.

So, TBF has given him £500, because the HB overpayment was recalculated as being £433.39*.  He can use the extra small amount for anything he wants to, and we reckon it will go on stocking up the larder a wee bit.

Additionally to the financial help, which was quite a biggie by our usual standards, an email has been sent to our client's Member of Parliament, apprising him of the situation and requesting that he take a hand in correcting the view of the PIP assessors regarding people who are long-term paralysed and getting that care component reinstated.

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