All For One...

Even us Biscuiteers are not immune to the occasional cashflow hiccup.  Thankfully they're rarer than honest politicians, ;-) but they can, and do, happen.

One of our Members had to take her son on a trip to see a specialist and was horrified, having got to her destination, to discover that the tax credits that she and her family rely upon just to break even had not arrived in her bank account.  A call to the administrators revealed that there had been a hiccup in the paperwork side of things.  She was stuck with a young child miles from home, and on top of that was left wondering how she was going to feed the meters and put a bit of food in the cupboards.

At TBF we're a family, and we won't let one of our own suffer any more than we would leave a Client out to dry.

The difference is that when the hardship affects one of our own, we club together within the family to resolve the problem.  Without touching the Main Fund in any way, our stranded Member was given £100, collected entirely from our own donations made specifically for her cause.

That's how we roll.  TBF - The Big Family called The Biscuit Fund. :-)

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