Account Manager Musings - October 2013

From the Accounts Manager

(Dunks executive HobNob in stone cold tea and gazes blankly at blog page, which gazes back with equal blankness)

I have been lucky enough to be in from just about the very beginning of The Biscuit Fund, which was started in response to an online plea to help someone left in dire straits by the welfare reform policies of the Department for Work and Pensions. The generosity and innate empathy of ordinary people was made abundantly clear by the response to that initial shout-out, and the result has been the formation of a tight-knit group whose sole aim has been to do whatever we can for those in what we often find to be the most appalling circumstances.

We have, since our first beginnings back in early 2013, and as at today's date, raised over £8,200, of which we have found eager and very welcoming homes for more than £7,800. Most of that money has been raised from among the group's thirty-two members and a handful of very kindly anonymous donors, some of whom have been past clients who have come into better times financially.

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people alive because I was given the opportunity to be a part of this project which has now become a fully registered charity. The feeling that comes from knowing that someone - a complete stranger - who was facing a night of poor sleep because of a growling tum, is now going to bed on a full belly and knowing that they have enough food for the next week/fortnight is one that I need more than mere grey words to describe. It's almost like a drug, because it keeps me coming back for more, and more, and more, and I know that the other group members feel exactly the same way as I do.

Being awarded our registered charity number is the next step on the road to helping as many people as we can find. With what we hope will be a goodly number of donations from generous and empaththetic people who want to see us succeed as much as possible in our aims, I am looking forward to expanding the great feeling of "We done a good fing today" many times over.

I'll be making a point of publishing the results of our work each month here in the blog (or maybe I might persuade the Founder to let me have my own page, instead of this broom cupboard, by holding her HobNobs to ransom!) and providing a running total of income, outlay and cash on hand at the end of each month. If I can sneak them past the Founder, who thinks they're strategy designs for the children's game "KerPlunk!" I'll put up a graph as well each time.

Eight grand collected and almost that much distributed in just ten months, to a total of seventy-eight Clients so far, none of whom were expecting the kind of help that we give, has been just the very beginning of where we now want to take The Biscuit Fund. Hold onto your hats - it's going to be a great ride! If you want to buy a ticket, they cost whatever you feel you can afford. Please keep watching the main page - the Founder tells me that a Donate button will be appearing in the very near future which will link to a dedicated PayPal account.

(carefully detaches cobweb from hair, goes back to scratching in ledger with newly sharpened quill)


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