A Slow Fuse...

We were told by our friends at Stockport FLAG of a young woman who had been forced to move out of her flat following a relationship breakdown, because the ex-boyfriend had put a firework through her letterbox and she felt totally unsafe.  A this time she was sofa-surfing and there were rent arrears against the flat of over £500.  The housing authority had told her that they would not consider letting her bid for rehousing unless or until the arrears were reduced to less than £500.

We began by paying £100 off the arrears for this young woman, plus we sent her £50 to cover her daily living expenses, but we also budgeted a further £150 to provide basic items once she'd been able to find somewhere new and safe to live.  She managed this by 29 October.

We then arranged to pass the balance of the budgeted assistance - £150 - to her so she could source the items she needed most locally.

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