A Leg-Up for Rebuilding a Life

We learned of a chap who has, by his own public admission via social media, had a bit of a chequered past with a couple of terms behind bars.  We don't judge people on past (mis)behaviour.  We're all human and we can all make mistakes from time to time, some of more seriously than others it's true, but none of us are infallible.

Our Client has been living in a hostel for a considerable number of months, and was finally allocated proper social housing when he reached the top of his local waiting list.  He had "some bits and bobs" in a garage that would "make the place a bit more confortable" but anyone who's moved into an empty house knows that - for example - the Imp of Perversity will always manage to move something essential, like the kettle, into a parallel dimension.

So, we were happy to give this gentleman a leg-up to the tune of £100 to get him on his way towards a decent, comfortable and - above all - independent life in Civvy Street.  Help that he's receiving from a charity for homeless people, working in his area, will doubtless go a long way towards speeding the process of his settling-down as well.  They have already been of enormous help to him in getting his gas and electricity accounts established and operating, for example.

He has a grand-daughter whom he absolutely worships and now has a place where she can visit him in much better surroundings than a shared accommodation space.  We wish him all the very best for the future.

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