A Friend In Need, (2)...

One of the people on my friends list has had a life that has not been overly blessed with good luck, and during a private message conversation she let slip that she was having to fight to get the mobility component - the most important one in her case - after it was stopped even though the DWP admitted to not being fully satisfied by the assessor's report.  the assessor LIED, in other words and the DWP knew it.  Nevertheless, the question of reinstatement had to go via the correct mandatory reconsideration route, which would mean a delay of up to two weeks.  My friend is lucky in that her local MP is happy to fight on her behalf and had already put his weight behind the case in order to get it resolved as quickly as possible.  There would still be a delay though and, as her oil-fired boiler has not worked for some years now, she has to use a considerable amount of electricity in order to warm her home.

We agreed to a sum of £200 for this lovely lady, who is know to several of our members as a friend and an honest, decent and upstanding character, and she proved her integrity by sending us proof that she had paid the grant over to her electricity supplier.

One of our members also found her a link to a source of funding for repair/replacement for oil-fired boilers and she's now awaiting the outcome of her enquiry and application to them.

And on 29 October, she advised us joyfully that her DLA mobility component has been reinstated!  Great news!

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