A Friend In Need...

Most of our Clients are still people we discover via social media, and even I get time to keep tabs on what my friends are up to and dealing with.  So, it was with some concern for her posts that I raised the plight of someone on my friends list with the Group.  I'd already "spoken" with her to get a feel for the background of the problems and what I learned upset me no end.  The family (herself, her partner and her child) had been evicted from their home and were having to spend time apart because they couldn't find a place to be together.  It quickly became obvious that serious cashflow problems, along with the stress of being parted, were causing the health problems that she mentioned in our conversation.  She's saving like crasy to get a deposit and advance rent together so that she and her partner and cats can reunite, but it's taking time and she mentioned that a viral infection, that she would normally have shaken off in just a couple of days, still had a grip on her and was still making her tired and worn out after almost two weeks.  Not good.

The group allocated £150 to this Client, which has enabled her to get herself some fresh food and some multi-vitamins so that the after-effects of the virus should be gone in no time from now.

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