Single mum of four in debt

A mother of four children, ranging in age from 11 years to 20 months.  Her eldest child is disabled and needs extra care. She currently does not receive any extra support with the children, but now social services have become involved to offer her some help/respite care.  She is in receipt of benefits but because of overpayments she currently has a large chunk of her money deducted, leaving her with income support of £50 to last them all a fortnight, and all her child benefit (she doesn't receive any child benefit for the youngest child in line with the new regulations) goes to a credit union.  She is struggling and not coping well at all.  Our agents have referred her for some urgent debt advice and we suggested that she is supported in making an application for a debt relief order, and we would cover the cost of that.  We also sent her a biscuit boost of £60 to be used to get some food for them all and top up her energy meters.

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Young single mum diagnosed with cancer

A young mum, 25 years old has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing extensive treatment.  She was working full-time, but is off work at the moment on half-pay and will soon move over to Statutory Sick Pay only.  This is causing her distress as she has a mortgage, her bills and her 4 year old to think of, as well as trying to recover.  Grants from elsewhere have been applied for on her behalf, but in the meantime she is unable to cover her energy costs and some other bills, so we agreed to send her £100 to tide her over until her other payments kick in.

Tags : cancer SSP sicknessbenefits singleparents

Young family in dire straits

A young mum of three children, ages 9, 8 and 15 months has had to have her partner move in with her as she is currently 3 months pregnant, expecting twins and is struggling with the pregnancy.  She was in receipt of Universal Credit, however having informed the DWP of her partner moving in they have stopped her payments while they reassess her situation.  Her partner receives £50 statutory sickness pay per week, plus she receives £42 child benefit.  Their housing benefit has stopped being paid while her financial situation is looked at by the DWP.  In the meantime rent arrears are building up and she has no money to buy food for the family.  We agreed to send the family £150 to do an essential food shop.

Tags : DWP UniversalCredit Poverty Pregnancy Children

Lady's home surrounded by rats

A lady who recently bought a home in a new area, unaware that the home she is living in is in an area which is plagued with rats.  She is extremely stressed by the situation which is negatively impacting her mental health.  She is trying to find somewhere temporary to stay, but is struggling with this.  Her fridge has broken, and she is not due any benefits payments until the end of August, and even then after deductions she is left with £145 to pay for her food and bills for the month.  We agreed to send her £150 so she could purchase a second hand fridge and do a decent food shop, plus have money for her energy meters.

Tags : Pestproblems brokenfridge mentalhealth

Man finally gets his own accommodation

A man who arrived in the UK as a refugee with leave to remain.  He has been in temporary accommodation for quite some time, and has now finally been offered his own accommodation.  Unfortunately though all he has is a bed and a fridge, nothing else.  His mental health is not good, and he's recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has no family around him.  We agreed to send him a small amount to allow him to purchase some small items for his flat from his local charity shops to help to make the place a bit more homely.

Tags : Refugee LeavetoRemain Homelessness Accommodation

Lady in hostel due to domestic violence

Our help was needed for a lady who has fled a domestic violence situation and is currently residing in a hostel until she can secure alternative accommodation.  Unfortunately she cannot be permitted to go into social housing as she has rent arrears so she can only consider private renting.  She has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and her life expectancy is not good.  Another grant was sought from elsewhere by our agents which was successful, plus she had a tiny amount of money saved, but just needed a bit extra to allow her to put down a deposit and pay a months rent ahead, so we agreed to send her £100 to help.

Tags : Homelessness domesticviolence cancer terminaldiagnosis

Woman facing short-term financial difficulties

A single mum of a 14 year old, who was previously in full-time employment, has been unable to work for the past six weeks due to sickness.  She is waiting on further investigations and is unsure about when she will be able to return.  She is in receipt of working and child tax credits, as well as statutory sickness payments, but is facing the fact that she will struggle to meet her rent and council tax obligations.  We agreed to send her £50 to help her out.

Tags : SSP Sickness Rent CouncilTax

Lady refused Employment Support Allowance

A lady was recently refused to have her ESA payments renewed as she failed to attend her assessment, which she was unable to do as suicidal tendencies rendered her unable to leave her home.  The knock on of this is that her ESA stopping has informed housing benefit who have stopped her rent payments.  Our agents are appealing this decision, requesting a speedy result, as well as supporting her in applying for Personal Independence Payments.  They are  also currently trying to get her housing benefit payments reinstated.  In the meantime she is without money for food, so we agreed to send her £50. 

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