Job Seeker released from hospital is sanctioned

We were contacted about a young man that had been sanctioned on his Job Seekers payments because he failed to attend a Job Centre Interview, the reason he missed it was because he was in hospital.  This meant his only source of income stopped so he was without money for food, gas or electric.  We were asked for £60 to keep him going until his sanction could be reversed, and he can be transferred onto Employment Support Allowance, rather that Job Seekers.

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Lady with mental health issues kicked off ESA

Our client is a lady in her late forties who has been on Employment Support Allowance for a long time due to mental issues.  In April she was assessed again as part of her renewal of her ESA Application and refused ESA.  This meant her ESA payments stopped leaving her only with her PIP payments.  Due to her mental health issues she feels unable to sign on for Job Seekers so is trying to hold out for her appeal to be resolved.  Unfortunately she is fast running out of money and needed to buy some food.  The agency that are supporting her are hopeful they can get her ESA reinstated in the next 14-21 days, so asked for help to keep her going until then.  We agreed between us to send across £100 so she can do a decent food shop to see her over the next fortnight to three weeks.

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Teacher in need of our help

Our agents contacted us about a qualified teacher who has been battling depression for the past 15 years.  He has been doing some supply teaching but it is only a day here and there.  He is currently claiming Universal Credit for a single person, yet has shared responsibility for his 11 year old son.  Consequently he is trying to feed two people on £73.10 per week and cover his bills out of that as well.  Our agents have been supporting him and realised that he does not have a lot of furniture.  They have managed to get a bed for his son, and also a gas cooker, but the cooker needs to be properly installed, and needed help to pay for this as it is beyond their client to be able to pay for it and they had investigated all the grant funding they were aware of, but the process was going to take far too long.  They knew we could act quickly if we were in agreement, which we were happy to do.  This means that he will finally have a functioning cooker for when his son comes to stay in the summer holidays.

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Mandatory Reconsideration failure for ESA

Our Client is a lady who failed her ESA Assessment in April and was consequently found fit for work.  Her mental health is not good, and when she phoned up the DWP to query this, she believed she was doing the Mandatory Reconsideration for her ESA assessment, but they told her it had to be done in writing (which is not true), unfortunately this didn't happen and so her assessment wasn't reconsidered.  She has been claiming Job Seekers the past few week, but is really struggling and attempted suicide four weeks ago.  She lives with her son who is in his late teens, and he himself has also failed his ESA assessment, so has no income whatsoever, so she is struggling to keep them both on the tiny amount she has coming in.  The last payment she received, it all went on food and electricity and she is fast running out and won't have enough to last them both until when she receives her next payment.  We sent over £100 to tide them over.

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Panic move for family

We were contacted a few hours ago about a family that were evicted from their home yesterday, who have been offered a new place to live, but they need to move today.  Our agent managed to convince the landlord to allow them to stay last night so at least they weren't out on the streets.  She found a 3.5 tonne Luton Van with a driver to shift the furniture and belongings and rounded up some volunteers to help them pack up and shift everything at the other end.  The trouble she had though was that the family, which includes 4 children, are in receipt of Universal Credit and do not have the money to be able to pay for the move.  This is where we came in and we paid the removal costs of just under £100, which included insurance as well.  We were able to respond to and have this situation resolved from start to finish in under 3 hours, we would have been faster but our agent had to be present at a PIP assessment with someone else she was helping.

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Ex Soldier refused help with housing and other benefits and made homeless

Our agent is helping a family of five, the father an ex soldier with the British Army.  He served for 14 years and was medically discharged last year due to an injury.  His local council have evicted them over arrears and are now stating that they do not believe he is eligible for housing and other benefits and have currently suspended his application for assistance.  The family are being temporarily housed in a local B&B, on a bed and breakfast only basis which is being paid for by another organisation supporting the family.  We were asked to offer the family a grant of £100 to allow them to buy some food other than just the breakfast they currently receive.  Our agent is helping them appeal their current housing situation.

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Single Mum in serious amounts of debt following benefit cap

Our agents approached us about a single mum of four dependent children.  They are assisting her to get her benefits sorted out, and unfortunately as a result of the benefit cap the benefits she was receiving have been seriously hit, resulting in her being in quite serious debt.  She is trying to resolve this, but with not enough money to go around she ends up "robbing Peter to pay Paul" to quote a phrase.  To apply for a debt relief order she needs to save £90, but as fast as she tries to something crops up and the money saved is needed for something else.  We agreed to send a cheque for £90 to support her debt relief order application.

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