Young woman takes on care of her sister's children

Our agents contacted us urgently about a young woman, who is 24 years old.  She has two very young children of her own, but has now taken on the responsibility for caring for her sisters two children as well.  Her sister has been sectioned under the mental health act.  As the sister was sectioned voluntarily, it means that there is no financial help for the sister now caring for the four children, instead of just her two.  She is able to claim child tax credits and child benefit while they are with her, but that is going to take some time to get sorted out and put into place.  In the meantime, she needs money for clothes, shoes and food, as her own money cannot stretch far enough to cover them all.  We agreed to send her £150, to pay for what she needs. .  

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Lady without heating

We were asked to help out a lady who is in receipt of ESA, as she has Epilepsy, Anxiety and depression.  She was in receipt of DLA, but when she was switched for PIP, she lost her claim.  This has meant that her income has dropped by £130 per week.  She is appealing the decision and is due to have her claim heard later this month, our Agents are confident that her PIP will be awarded.  She needs help in the meantime to pay for some heating, as she is currently unable to heat her home.  She needs to cover the next few week, because even if she is successful, it will take several weeks for the DWP to address the backpayment she would be due, and to actually pay that.  We agreed to send her £150.

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Ex-Nurse needs help

Our help was requested for a lady who was a nurse, working for the NHS, until she became unable to work through disability.  Her son has now left full time education, so she no longer receives any financial support for him, and to complicate matters she has lost her PIP entitlement, which caused rent arrears as she lost her PIP premiums.  A mix up with her council tax, resulted her being persued for eviction, this is now resolved.  She is though in serious need of help with her gas, electric and for some food.  We agreed to send her £100 to help her out.

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Woman and daughter in refuge needs help

The Police, has had to remove a lady and her daughter from their home, following a domestic violence situation, perpertrated by one of her twin teenaged sons.  They were moved into a B&B and then into a refuge for their safety.  Unfortunately just before this happened the mother had settled some overdue bills at the house, paid back a loan and did a large shop for food.  Her Universal Credit payment had covered that, but she now suddenly had no money to cover the transport costs to get the child to college, and has to walk 3 miles from the refuge to the home to take food to the second twin.  We agreed to send her £50 to help cover the fares for her and her son.

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Sick lady who is unable to afford to get to hospital

We were contacted about a lady who has recently returned to the UK, from Gibraltar, where she has been living, fleeing a domestic violence situation.  She is currently staying with family and has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately she is unable to claim any benefits for three months, as she was living outside the UK.  Our agents are hoping to try to fast track her claim, but at the moment she has no money and is unable to afford to attend hospital for her treatment appointments.  We agreed to send her £100 to help her out.

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2017 Numbers (final quarter)

The Biscuit Fund numbers

2017 2016 since 2013
Final quarter 2017 £ £ £
Opening value of biscuits in the tin 4,237 6,727 -
Donations received (including Gift Aid) 45,236 18,401 113,585
Crumbs of hope paid out (41,690) (20,741) (105,501)
Admin fees      
Trustees - - -
Volunteers & agents - - -
Chocolate biscuits & other essentials - - -
Independant examination of accounts - (150) (300)
Closing value of biscuits in the tin 7,783 4,237 7,783
No. of cases where we've been able to offer a crumb of hope 221 164 690
*(see the blog for our latest success stories)      


2016 numbers PDF

Our admin expenses are zero (we even pay for our own chocolate biscuits) so everything our donors contribute goes directly to help someone in desperate need. We really are a zero overheads charity. We once paid 'expenses' to one of our Agents who paid for a cab to take one of our clients home with a heavy food shop. We reimbursed her £7 for that cab, as our client would have had no way of getting their food home without one. We have no premises, no company phones, no biscuit budget, no work laptops. No-one receives a salary from TBF and we don't even claim for the cost of stamps if we need to send a letter. We do our work with TBF using our own PC's.

As you can see, we are very small and so if you like what we do please help us by making a donation and tell your friends about us as we have no marketing budget to call on in order to spread the word. Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference. If you can spare as little as a pound you could help make the difference between a child having a meal and going to school hungry.

To all our donors, a huge thank you on behalf of our volunteers and agents but much more importantly on behalf of those who are so desperately in need of a crumb of hope.

Our charity registration number is 1154117 and we are an entirely not-for-profit organisation.



Faulty boiler in rented property

Our contact asked us to help a lady who is living in a rented property where the boiler has not been functioning properly.  Her landlord has been ignoring her pleas for help with this, and it has got to the point that the environmental health officer has stepped in and given the landlord 7 days to call out an engineer and rectify the issue.  In the meantime she has had to run freestanding electric heaters to stay warm.  The knock on of this is that over the past three days she has put £40 on the electricity meters, which is money she has had to borrow from a relative.  We agreed to send the lady £60 so that she can repay the £40 and have £20 spare to put on her meter.

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Mother of 3 needs help

Our agents contacted us about a single mother of three children.  Her oldest child has behavioural issues and is consequently tutored at home, as mainstream school cannot manage his behaviour.  Her middle child has a health issue, and the youngest is only 3 years old.  The middle child is 11 years old and has a heart problem, which means he needs surgeries to correct this, has to take medication to keep his blood thin, and has oxygen problems.  She has applied for Disability Living Allowance, but has failed to achieve this.  We guided her to some agencies that can help her apply for this, and support her through the process and sent over £80 to help her with the extra heating and transport costs.   

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