Parents on hospital bedside vigil

A young couple, the father previously self-employed has had to give up work as their young son has been diagnosed with cancer.  He is currently in hospital receiving treatment following a serious infection following his chemotherapy and could be there for some time.  Previously the parents were in receipt of DLA for the child, however whenever anyone is in hospital on an extended stay, that payment ceases to be paid until they are discharged.  Their son is receiving meals while he is in hospital, however they have travelling costs and meals for themselves.  They often go without anything as they cannot afford to pay the high prices at the hospital cafe.  They are in the process of applying for benefits, but in the meantime are in need of some financial assistance.  We agreed to send them £100 to help them out.

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Payday loans causing havoc

A young mum, separated from the child's father, due to domestic abuse issues, received £60 last week in benefits only to have a Payday loan immediately collect £52 from her bank account leaving her without any money for food.  She has moved from pillar to post, to avoid having to live at home, and this has meant she has really struggled financially.  The child's father was assisting with daycare for the child while she worked, but this has now fallen apart.  She has no gas or electricity, and on the day we were contacted had just prepared the last pasta she had in the house for her son's lunch.  Our agents have issued her with a food voucher, but she will have to wait until the food bank is open for her to redeem that.  We agreed between us to send her £150 so she can stock up her cupboards and freezer and put some money on to her energy meters.  

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Teenage mother needs help

We were asked to help a teenaged mum who literally had nothing she needed for her baby.  We made some enquiries and managed to find out this was a very young mum.   Although her own mother is very supportive of her, the family as a whole are struggling financially and unable to help her get some essential items.  We discussed this matter between ourselves and decided to send her £100 to help her out.  We later received a very grateful reply and said this help meant the world to them.

Tags : TeenageMums Poverty NewBaby

Man has ESA stopped

A man who lives alone has extreme anxiety issues which means he has missed some Employment Support Allowance (ESA) meetings, the knock on of this has meant his ESA payments have stopped being paid, as well as his housing benefit due to him being unable to cope.  Our agents are helping him to appeal the ESA decision and try to get his housing benefit reinstated.  In the meantime he doesn't have any money to live off so we agreed to send him £75.

Tags : ESA Benefits Anxiety Appeals HousingBenefit

Lady refused Employment Support Allowance

A lady who has recently been refused Employment Support Allowance (ESA) has been existing off the goodwill of freinds and family for the past 12 weeks.  Our agents have been advising her and have suggested she might put in a claim for Universal Credit, but her appeal hearing is so close, that if she takes the UC route she won't then be able to go back on to ESA.  Our agents are contacting the Tribunals Service to try to get her hearing date as soon as possible, but at the moment she is at her tether regarding managing to cope financially.  We agreed to send her £75.

Tags : ESA DWP Benefits Tribunals UC Poverty

Single man left with not enough to live off

A man working part-time, 24 hours per week, has his income topped up by Universal Credit.  Unfortunately his landlord has applied to have the man's housing arrears paid direct from his UC and this has left him with £32 to last him until the middle of June, for food and fuel.  We agreed to send him £75 to help him out.

Tags : UniversalCredit Rentarrears Poverty

Single dad in need of our help

We were approached about a single dad of four children, aged 2 to 13 years.  He has separated from the childrens' mother and has been granted sole custody.  The mother ran up debts in their joint names by fraudently using their joint bank account details to the sum of £12,000.  The father and the children are relying on the help of foodbanks to survive.  Our agents are in the process of arranging a Debt Relief Order for him, which they asked us to cover the cost of.  We agreed to this, and to also send over £70 to use to buy some food for the family.

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2019 Numbers (1st quarter)

The Biscuit Fund numbers

  to date       from
  2019   2018   2013
1st quarter 2019                    £                      £                     £
Opening value of biscuits in the tin 27,923   7,783   -
Donations received (including Gift Aid) 13,073   40,457   167,115
Crumbs of hope paid out (10,187)   (20,167)   (135,856)
Admin fees          
Trustees -   -   -
Volunteers & agents -   -   -
Chocolate biscuits & other essentials -   -   -
Independant examination of accounts -   (150)   (450)
Closing value of biscuits in the tin 30,809   27,923   30,809
No. of cases where we've been able to offer a crumb of hope 148   223   1,066
*(see the blog for our latest success stories)          


Our admin expenses are zero (we even pay for our own chocolate biscuits) so everything our donors contribute goes directly to help someone in desperate need. We really are a zero overheads charity. We once paid 'expenses' to one of our Agents who paid for a cab to take one of our clients home with a heavy food shop. We reimbursed her £7 for that cab as our client would have had no way of getting their food home without one. We have no premises, no company phones, no biscuit budget, no work laptops. No-one receives a salary from TBF and we don't even claim for the cost of stamps if we need to send a letter. We do our work with TBF using our own PC's and our own resources in our own time.

As you can see, we are very small and so if you like what we do please help us by making a donation and tell your friends about us as we have no marketing budget to call on in order to spread the word. Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference. If you can spare as little as £1 you could help make the difference between a child having a meal and going to school hungry.

You can see from our numbers how powerful a bit of publicity is by the effect of an article written in the press by a long-standing supporter in late 2018.  It generated a wave of interest and donations and there was a further mention in early 2019.  Thank you to all the new and existing donors who responded, but please do not think that we have enough to be going on with as we can never address with our modest resources the vast range of poverty related problems that we see each and every day.

To all of our donors, a huge thank you on behalf of our volunteers and agents but much more importantly on behalf of those who are so desperately in need of a crumb of hope.

Our charity registration number is 1154117 and we are an entirely not-for-profit organisation.




2019 - The Biscuit Fund - Charity Number 1154117
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